How to Get Started With HomePointe Property Management

Getting started is easy! Follow these simple steps and HomePointe will soon be managing your investment so you can experience the “no hassle” experience of doing business with HomePointe. Call 916-429-1205 if you need any assistance at any time.

If you currently have a property manager that needs to be terminated:

  1. Check your current property management contract to see what type of notice is required. It is typical that you will be required to give a 30 day notice. If possible, call the manager to see if they will accept a shorter notice. Many will, especially if they know that you are unhappy. If you do not have a written contract, assume 30 days is required.
  2. Compose a brief letter as follows: “Please terminate your services on ______________ (property address), effective __________ (date). A representative of HomePointe Property Management will be in touch with you prior to the termination date to pick up keys and any pertinent files. Please send remaining funds in my account directly to me including tenant security deposits.
  3. Mail or email the letter and send a copy to HomePointe.
  4. Everyone must do this:

  5. Sign and deliver a HomePointe Property Management Agreement and a HomePointe Owner Information Sheet to HomePointe at 5896 South Land Park Dr., Sacramento, CA 95822. You can also mail those documents to P.O. Box 221660, Sacramento, CA 95822 or fax them to 916-429-0389. Both of these documents are available in our Owner Section/Owner Forms within this website. You can print them out, complete and sign, and then fax, or email back to us. We can also send you a link allowing you to complete and sign our agreement online. Let us know if you prefer to do that.
    If you have a current resident please provide us the current rental agreement. If none is available let us know if you would like one to be completed and signed for the current resident.
  6. We need to know the current rent rate, deposit amount, and any amounts the resident owes.
  7. Provide us with keys if available.

A Homepointe Property Management Manager will call you as soon as we receive the signed forms. Thank you for choosing HomePointe.

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