Leasing Services


We are available to meet you at your property at your convenience. During this meeting we can evaluate the current condition of your property. We will point out any maintenance items that you should consider. You can then do the work yourself or we can provide estimates and have part or all of the work done for you.

We will also evaluate the current market rents and help you decide what rent and deposit to charge. Our knowledge of the market will help in achieving the highest possible rent while limiting vacancy time.

If you would like a No Obligation Professional Rent Opinion (PRO) click here.


Your property will be immediately placed on our vacancy list and posted on the internet. We can also place a sign on your property (recommended). Part of our marketing program is to record a complete message of all details and qualifying information about your property in our 24-Hour Hotline. Prospects will be able to obtain complete information 24-hours a day by phone or via the internet.

Appointments will be prescheduled eliminating the need for prospects to reach someone. Your property will be shown as demand dictates. This system has proven to be successful simply because it is so easy for rental prospects to use.d  We also have a self service option that can make showings very convenient for renters.

Our applications are handed out during showing appointments to all interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications 24-hours a day at our office or at this website. We are one of the few companies that accepts applications with a credit card payment. This program has made it easy to apply and has increased the numbers of applications we receive as well as speed up the process for the applicants.

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All applications will be carefully screened for credit, rental and ownership references, and income. HomePointe Property Management staff view tenant selection as one of our most important functions. You benefit from tenants who have carefully screened through a major credit bureau as well as through ownership records. Each tenant must complete our detailed application and meet minimum income requirements, rental or ownership history requirements, and minimum credit requirements.

Save Money on our Leasing Services: If you are able to show your vacancy 2-3 times per week you can save 20% on our Leasing Services. We will place your property on our vacancy list, place the advertising, record a 24 hour message which lets prospects know when you will be at your rental. We will provide you with detailed instructions and applications. All you need to do is open up your home, let the prospects take a look, and hand out applications. We will take it from there including the processing of all applications, communication with the applicants, collecting the deposit and first months rent, documenting the check in, and signing the lease.

Give us a call so we can discuss your particular situation. Our property managers will be happy to work out a leasing plan that meets your needs.


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