Maintenance Services

No management company would be complete without the ability to handle every conceivable maintenance issue at your property.

Homepointe Property Management is unique in that we use a combination of our own handypersons and a variety of independent contractors that give you and your property both quality work at reasonable prices and quick turnaround.

If you have an emergency that cannot wait call 911 or call 916-429-1205 to contact our on call staff.

Management Clients

Our current clients benefit from inspections performed prior to a resident moving into the property, annual inspections, and a detailed inspection at the time of a vacancy. Owners will be contacted regarding any work that is needed. Owners can order additional inspections if need be. Your resident will be instructed to contact our office for any maintenance they need. All owners have the option of performing their own maintenance or employing contractors of their choice.

Maintenance Only Clients

HomePointe will customize a maintenance program for those owners that collect their own rent, but want to have their tenant call us for maintenance.Our management fee is discounted and these clients will benefit from having all maintenance documented and scheduled as quickly as possible.

On Call Clients

Any person can call our office to request maintenance.In fact, other management companies use our office to get reliable service and quick turnaround of their maintenance.

Ordering Maintenance

Our maintenance staff will help you every step of the way.

Management Inquire Services

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