Orientation For All New Residents

We are pleased that you have chosen a HomePointe managed property for your new home. You have our assurance that every effort will be made to maintain friendly and efficient service from our staff. Please be aware that HomePointe works at the direction of the owner of the property you are renting. Some repair requests may be declined. HomePointe will make every effort to communicate your requests to insure that the property you rent at least meets habitability requirements of the state and local jurisdiction.

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My application has been approved. Now what happens?

You will be contacted by our application department or by one of our property managers. You will then have one business day to bring in a cashiers checks for at least the amount of the security deposit and sign a deposit receipt to hold the property. If the property is ready to rent you can also pay the first months rent and take possession.

What if I am pre approved and have not yet selected a property?

When you are pre approved you will be given a monthly rent rate that you are pre approved for. You can then contact our application department at applications@HomePointe.com and let them know what property(ies) you want to view. You will be given priority for showing appointments by our property managers since you are confirmed as qualified. Your pre approved application status is good for 60 days.

How long will you hold the property for me?

Once your application is approved, in most cases, you will have two weeks to take possession.

What if I pay a deposit and then change my mind?

Once you pay your deposit and sign a deposit receipt you have committed to rent the property. If you fail to move in as agreed in the deposit receipt you will forfeit the deposit. The forfeited deposit pays the owner for holding the property for you. You should not pay a deposit to hold a property unless you are sure you are going to move in.

Who signs the rental/lease agreement?

All adults must sign the rental/lease agreement prior to receiving the keys. This includes all persons intending to reside at the property that are eighteen years or older no matter what relationships are involved.

Where do we sign the rental agreement?

Most appointments for signing the deposit receipt and rental/lease agreement are made during our business hours at one of our offices. You will make the appointment with your property manager upon approval.

What do I need to bring to the signing?

When you just pay the security deposit to hold the property we require one adult of those moving in, a photo identification for that person, and a cashiers check or money order in the amount of the security deposit. When signing the rental agreement in order to get the keys all adults must come to our office with photo identifications and a cashiers check or money order for a full months rent.

When do I receive the keys?

Keys will be issued as soon as the rental agreement is signed by all adults and all funds are paid including the entire security deposit and a full months rent.

What are the important parts of the rental/lease agreement?

All adult residents should read the entire rental/lease agreement before taking possession. A copy of the agreement we use is on our website found here . Pay close attention to the start date, rent rate, prorated rent (the amount due your second month), and end date. Keep in mind that you cannot sublease the property, only those listed on the agreement may live at the property. Also take note if the appliances listed are correct and that who is responsible for lawn care is correct. The written agreement is the only agreement we have with you, no verbal agreements are allowed.

If I move in mid month, how much do I owe?

You will pay a whole months rent when you first move in. If you move in after the first, your second month will be prorated. That means you will only pay for the days you had possession in your first month. Your rental/lease agreement will state the dates and the amount of your rent proration.

How do you document the condition of the property?

We complete a written report before we meet with you to sign documents, collect any funds due, and release the keys to you. We also take digital photographs of the exterior and interior of the property and keep them in our property file. You will be signing the written report and you will receive a copy of it. You will have seven days after taking possession to let us know about any additional items you want listed on the move in condition report. After seven days we will assume you agree with the report.

Once I move in when are my rental payments due and how do I pay the rent each month?

Your rent is due on the first of each month and is considered late if the rent is paid after the 3rd of the month. If the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday your rent will be considered late if your rent is paid after the next business day. For example, if the 3rd falls on a Saturday, your rent will be late if not received before Tuesday, the 6th. However, if the 3rd falls on a Friday, your rent would be late if the rent is not received by 11:59 PM on Friday.

The best method of making rent payments is signing up to pay rent via our website. To get activated email us atpayments@HomePointe.com and request an activation link. You can also pay your rent via mail by sending your check, cashiers check, or money order to HomePointe, P.O. Box 221660, Sacramento, CA 95822. Be sure the address of the property you are renting appears on your check. You can also bring your rent to any of our office locations.

If I cannot pay the rent on time, what should I do?

Your first efforts should be to figure out a way to pay your rent on time using whatever resources you have. You might borrow the funds from friends, family, your bank, or whatever other resources you have. Please bear in mind that HomePointe has no authority to allow you to pay late. Our client has chosen HomePointe to manage their property which includes enforcing the rental/lease agreement. We are forced to take steps to protect our client in the event the rent is late. This does not include allowing a payment to be paid late. You can expect that our office will be contacting you soon after the rent is late. This may include the service of a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. If the rent is paid late, you will incur late fees and service charges when a notice is served to your door. In addition, you will become liable for all legal costs if an attorney is hired to begin eviction proceedings.

How do I get maintenance taken care of?

We suggest you email our maintenance division at maintenance@HomePointe.com or complete our online service request at our Submit Maintenance Request Page. You can also call our office at 916-429-1205. For nights and weekends we provide emergency response at 916-429-1205. Follow the voice instructions. In a fire or flood emergency please call 911 first.

Can I make repairs and deduct the cost from my rent?

We do not allow residents to perform repairs at the property they rent. You must contact us to request repairs and we will respond as quickly as possible. In some cases you may be allowed to maintain the yard, but no deductions are allowed for this.

Who owns the property I am renting?

The ownership of the property is noted on your rental agreement.

How long is my lease?

The length of your lease is noted on your rental/lease agreement.

What do I do if I have to move before my lease is up?

If you must break your lease you should contact your property manager both in writing (letter or email) and via telephone as soon as possible. Although you are responsible for your entire lease, we can go to work to find a replacement resident as soon as we receive your written notification. Once we are able to secure a replacement resident and start their rent, you can be released from your obligation. You may be responsible for advertising expenses and leasing fees as well as rent until the replacement resident’s rent begins.

What happens after my lease expires?

If you choose to stay in the property and a new lease is not signed, your agreement will continue on a month to month basis. If you have decided to move at the end of your lease, you must send us a 30-Day Notice to Vacate at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the lease. Do not move out of your property without a written notice as you will be responsible for rent for 30 days from your vacate date.

How often do you give rent increases?

While there is no rule, we do look at rents on an annual basis to see if an increase is warranted. Some market conditions may not warrant increases for more than a year. You will receive a written notice at least 30 days prior to the increase taking effect.

How can we be as safe as possible in our home?

One of our missions at HomePointe is “Safety First”. As a housing provider we want to make you aware of dangers in your home and ways to prevent accidental death and injury. When you moved in we provided a Proposition 65 Brochure and we now also provide safety brochures provided by the US Consumer Safety Council. You can obtain more information, booklets, and blogs at the Consumer Product Safety Council. Be safe and let us know how we can assist you in keeping you and your family safe in your home.